The technology world is flooded with buzzwords, and “Agile” is right up there at the top. The issue is most organizations are not agile, and nor is their core business. It’s trendy to be agile, but the reality is most business is not trendy – it’s calm, measured – and profitable. Furthermore Agile addresses uncertainty, and some things are just evolutionary rather than revolutionary: things are more… certain.

Continuous integration and deployment is great as an ability – but deployment equals change, and why change ten times daily if your users actually want stability and reliability?

Micro-services meet specific needs, but introduce a raft of their own issues, and no, “the cloud” does not magically fix things.

Unblue can help your organization cut through the bullshit, applying Agile where agility is required, and pragmatism where excitable software developers shouting about the Next Big Thing drown out common sense. Contact us to have a chat about your issues.