Unblue provides bespoke consulting, infrastructure and development support services.

We’ve helped local government apply due diligence to the procurement of cloud services, ensuring that proposals meet short and medium-term strategic requirements, cost constraints, and security requirements. Cutting through the buzzwords and sales lingo ensures that a limited public sector budget is spent in a way that delivers great value for money and quality services that help rather than hinder.

We’ve helped small businesses cut through jargon and release themselves from the shackles of “blackmail developers” – those one-man “web developers” who lock-in a company via their domain names and relentlessly deliver poor service and higher prices.

We’ve helped voluntary organizations overhaul their digital strategy: consolidating and reducing hosting costs, managing designer/developer relationships and workstreams to ensure fit-for-purpose project deliverables, and process transformation.

If you’re struggling to make technology work for you, ask for help.